Sunday, February 2, 2014

Astral Projection And Techniques For Beginners

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection (Astral Traveling) is Out-of-body experience when our consciousness leaves our physical body and becomes free to travel anywhere, unrestricted by our normal physical boundaries. We all unconsciously travel outside our bodies every night while we are asleep. We all have two bodies: a physical body that we use during our waking time, and an astral body that projects out of the physical practically every night (except we are not conscious of the fact so we never remember this in the morning). Our consciousness holds no limits, it is designed for exploration and we as humans possess an astral body to do exactly that. For each of these bodies, there is a corresponding “plane”. So there is a physical plane and an astral plane in which astral body is projected during Astral Traveling.

How To Prepare Your Mind And Body 

To perform Astral Projection you should reach a state of deep relaxation. Lie down on your bed or sofa and relax your body. Position your body sou that you feel comfortable. Close your eyes and try to lose all distracting thoughts of your mind. Concentrate on your body and the way it feels. It's important to reach a state of complete mind and body relaxation.

Focus on your breathing and don't get carried away with thoughts of outside worries and let yourself sink into relaxation.Keeping your eyes closed, think bout a part of your body, such as your hand. Try to visualise yourself lifting your arm out of your body.

The Rope Technique

The RopeTechnique is one of the most effective Astral Projection Techniques and it's easy for beginners to perform. The first step to perform this technique is imagine strong rope hanging down in front of you. The rope should be easy reachable with your hands. Vary the position of this imaginary rope to suit yourself as to what feels most natural. Reach out with both of your awareness hands and and grasp the rope. Climb hand over hand strongly up the rope and pull the rope to your chest with each climbing hand action. Feel your body getting heavier and your projectable double moving up the rope as you climb it. Stay aware of your physical body remaining behind as you climb out of it. Concentrate on the climbing action, but don’t let your physical body respond or tense and don't forget to breath naturally - don't hold your breath or let it become ragged.

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